Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Reflection

Part 1: YOU

Photography has helped me learn that I can do anything I set my mind to do. It helped me learn that there are always ways to improve. I have also learned that I can actually make beautiful pictures and that I am actually good at taking them. A Challenge that I had this semester was just using photoshop I am good at taking picture but sometimes I struggle with photoshop and how to use it and all the different effects that I can use. My best work was probably the spring break project and or the Light box project. I think it is because i took my time on them and didn't rush when doing them and I had fun. I think I would like to re do the night pictures I don't think I did very good on that project rushed threw it my pictures were not very good. Also the morning and night hour pictures because now I know what I looking for and know I would make better more fun pictures. When taking pictures in the future I'm going to mindful on how i take them and what setting to use. Also how and when the best time will be to take the pictures will be.


I would describe the importance of light to a non-photographer by first showing them a example of a picture without enough light and a picture with light to show the difference and the importance then i would explain the importance by telling them that if u do not have light then you wont get the best results. Also would say how important lighting is to the picture and how you can get so many different results. I would show them how to take a picture with good lighting and another example how a picture will look without good lighting. My Favorite time of day to photograph is around 3 or 4 when its super bright outside so you can get good lighting and it is more fun and exciting.To make a good photograph first you need to make sure you are on the right setting. You also want to make sure that what your photographing is a good subject if its a crappy stupid subject there will be no point. You need to make sure that you have good light in the picture. And then just do you and take the picture. A good photograph has all the things that i have already mentioned before. It has good lighting good subject. Its not blurry clear pictures has lines of symetry and that because thats all the things that you need to have to be successful in a good photo.